ALDP workshops are full- and half-day events exploring diverse  leadership topics, including goal-setting, change management, conflict resolution, and identifying campus resources for academic leaders. Workshops combine problem-based learning activities with presentations by campus and external specialists. Breakfast and/or lunch are provided at all workshops.

ALDP will offer three workshops in 2017-18:

Engaging with Conflict, Part 1: Group Session with Sally Campbell

Academic leaders face conflict and difficult conversations every day. How well prepared are you to face these recurring challenges? This interactive workshop will focus on concrete steps for de-escalating challenging interpersonal situations, assessing underlying issues, and moving toward a respectful resolution. Facilitator Sally Campbell has years of experience facilitating effective communication and mediating disputes at universities. Breakfast and lunch provided.

Leading Change

As an academic leader, it is crucial that you understand the process of organizational change, and be prepared to lead this process with your faculty and staff. In this workshop, we’ll briefly review the challenges of leading a change initiative in your unit and introduce a practical and effective framework you can apply to work towards your goals, as well as a process for change management. Breakfast and lunch provided.

ALDP Capstone: Learning From Your Strengths, Transitioning to Year Two

In this final event of the Program year, it’s time to start to plan for the year ahead, and to celebrate all you have accomplished as a new academic leader. In this workshop, you will review what has worked for you so far in your leadership role, consider how those strengths can shape your approach and plans going forward, and hear from a panel of seasoned leaders discussing their experiences as they transitioned to their second year.