As an extension of UBC Coaching Services, all ALDP participants are encouraged to engage in coaching services. Coaching is a partnership between a coach and a well-functioning client. A coach can provide support to the client as he/she determines and achieves his/her professional goals.

The following is a brief sampling of direct quotes from academic leaders who, as part of the ALDP, have participated in coaching:

“My coaching sessions were extremely helpful for providing fresh perspectives and solutions that had not occurred to me or my usual network of advisors within my own Faculty.”

“My coach was an excellent sounding board who was able to help focus my thoughts and priorities without my feeling vulnerable.”

“Having a coaching relationship and being able to touch down every once in a while helps you not only survive but to prosper.”

“Would I recommend coaching to a new academic leader? Absolutely!”

For information about coaching for academic  leaders, please contact Fran Watters, ALDP Coach and Program Director at For more information about coaching services generally at UBC, please visit