Governance and Management

ALDP is sponsored by the UBC Vancouver Office of the Provost (through the Provost and the Vice-Provost and Vice-President Academic) and is implemented through a partnership between UBC’s Human Resources and the Centre for Teaching, Learning and Technology. A Planning Team provides general strategic direction and is also responsible for implementing and facilitating the program.

Planning Team:

The ALDP is led by a Planning Team, comprising faculty and senior administrators from across UBC. It has been instrumental in both the development and the implementation of the program.


Name Designation and Department Membership category
Bill Aiello ALDP Academic Director; Professor and Former Head, Department of Computer Science Former Head
Alex Bayne Director,Workplace Learning and Engagement Human Resources
Tammy Brimner Director, Office of the Vice President Finance and Operations Office of the Vice President Finance and Operations
Maura Da Cruz Consultant, Workplace Learning & Engagement Human Resources
kele fleming Associate Director, Teaching and Learning Professional Development
Centre for Teaching, Learning and Technology (CTLT)
Centre for Teaching, Learning and Technology (CTLT)
Beth Haverkamp Associate Professor, Educational and Counselling Psychology, and Special Education (ECPS), Faculty of Education ALDP Alumna
Shanda Jordan Gaetz Executive Director, Faculty Affairs,
Faculty of Medicine
Faculty of Medicine
Julia McLaughlin Lead, Coaching at UBC Human Resources
Louise Nasmith    Associate Provost Health Faculty of Medicine
Mark Trowell Senior Manager, Faculty Relations Faculty Relations
Fran Watters ALDP Program Director & Academic Leadership Coach Human Resources & Founding Team member