About Us

ALDP is sponsored by the UBC Vancouver Office of the Provost (through the Provost and the Vice-Provost and Vice-President Academic) and is implemented through a partnership between the Office of the Vice President, Human Resources, and the Centre for Teaching, Learning and Technology. A Planning Team provides general strategic direction and is also responsible for implementing and facilitating the program.

Fran Watters

ALDP Program Director & Academic Leadership Coach

604-822-2075 | fran.watters@ubc.ca

Fran Watters is the Program Director of the Academic Leadership Development Program (ALDP), a position she has held since 2014. In addition to working on the design and delivery of ALDP, she leads the leadership coaching offered to cohort members, as well as coaching new Heads, Associate Deans and Deans herself.

Prior to this, Fran was Director of Faculty Relations at UBC, a position she held for almost eleven years. She is a lawyer who has practiced in the areas of employment, human rights and administrative law. She believes in the strength and capacity of new academic leaders – and the value they bring to the role.


Bill Aiello

ALDP Academic Director; Professor and Former Head, Department of Computer Science

604-827-3990 | aiello@cs.ubc.ca

Bill came to UBC from AT&T Labs in late 2004 to be Head of the Computer Science Department, a role he served in for five and a half years. Bill has been involved with ALDP since he first arrived on campus: within his first year he participated in the needs assessment that launched ALDP; he was an inaugural member of the ALDP Advisor Committee; he joined the ALDP Planning Team after he stepped down as Head; and he’s served in the role of Academic Director since 2014. Bill brings experience from leadership roles in industrial labs and non-profits prior to UBC. “I’m amazed by the generosity of people across campus to support new leaders and genuinely humbled by the insights of the participants of the program.”


Julianna Chen

Program Manager

604-827-2783 | julianna.chen@ubc.ca

Julianna works closely with the Program Directors and the Planning Team on all aspects of the design, delivery and evaluation of ALDP. Prior to joining ALDP, Julianna earned an MA in Adult Education and Training from Seattle University. One of her favorite leadership-related quotes is “People care how much you know once they know how much you care.”





Planning Team

The ALDP is led by a Planning Team, comprising faculty and senior administrators from across UBC. It has been instrumental in both the development and the implementation of the program.

Yael Blum

Director, Organizational Development & Learning, and
PCC-Certified Executive Coach with UBC Workplace Learning and Engagement

604-822-9371 | yael.blum@ubc.ca

Yael supports the ALDP Program as a program advisor, coach, and studio facilitator. Her additional commitments to UBC include delivery of internal leadership and professional development programs such as Managing at UBC, and the Community Leadership Program as well as responding to Faculty and staff requests for organizational and team development, specialized training, custom retreats and individual and team coaching.



Tammy Brimner

Director, Special Projects, UBC Extended Learning

604-827-2090 | tammy.brimner@ubc.ca

Tammy is a member of the ALDP Planning Team as well as a facilitator. Following an MA in Sociology at UBC, she has worked in many roles over the last 20 years. Currently working in UBC Extended Learning, Tammy is responsible for the full spectrum of strategic matters, especially fostering strong partnerships and working collaboratively with senior members of the UBC Extended Learning team, and other senior members across UBC.

She also leads special projects for the office, including issue identification, analysis, development and implementation, and related communications. She has always shared a passion for academic leadership development.


kele fleming

Associate Director, Teaching and Learning Professional Development, Centre for Teaching, Learning and Technology (CTLT)

604-822-9287 | kele.fleming@ubc.ca

kele is a member of the ALDP Planning Team. She is an Associate Director with the Centre for Teaching, Learning and Technology (CTLT) where she leads a team of creative educational consultants in the service of supporting the efforts of faculty, graduate students, and staff who engage in CTLT’s programs and services to advance their learning and teaching goals, and more broadly, the university’s strategic teaching and learning goals.

A favourite leadership quote is … “Everybody can be great, because everybody can serve” (Ghandi).


Beth Haverkamp

Associate Professor, Educational and Counselling Psychology, and Special Education (ECPS), Faculty of Education

604-822-5354 (Lab) | beth.haverkamp@ubc.ca

Beth Haverkamp is an Associate Professor in Counselling Psychology and Registered Psychologist. She served as Associate Dean, Graduate Programs and Research, in the Faculty of Education (2009 – 2016) and has been a member of the ALDP Planning Team since 2010.





Shanda Jordan Gaetz

Executive Director, Faculty Affairs, Faculty of Medicine

604-822-2792 | shanda.jordangaetz@ubc.ca

Shanda is a member of the Planning Team and an executive coach for the ALDP program. As her “day job”, she is the Executive Director, Faculty Affairs in the Faculty of Medicine, providing strategic direction and oversight of HR and organizational development. Shanda is passionate about helping leaders develop and grow in both their skills and awareness, so that they are able to achieve their goals and also develop and mentor those working with them and emerging leaders at all levels of the organization.



Ian Scott

Director, Centre for Health Education Scholarship (CHES) and Associate Professor, Department of Family Practice

604-822-8562  | ian.scott@familymed.ubc.ca

Ian Scott is Associate Professor in the Department of Family Practice and Director of the Centre for Health Education Scholarship. Born and raised in Vancouver, he has lead various programs at UBC including the Department of Family Practice and the Curriculum Design group for the MD program. Nationally he was most recently the chair of the Education Committee for the College of Family Physicians of Canada. He has been a novice woodworker for five years and is expected to remain a novice far into the future. His favourite leadership quote is “good leadership is often invisible”.



Mark Trowell

Senior Manager, Faculty Relations

604-822-9725 | mark.trowell@ubc.ca

Mark Trowell is a member of the ALDP Planning Team and Senior Manager, Faculty Relations, UBC Human Resources. In his Faculty Relations role, he provides employee and labour relations advice and support to UBC’s academic leaders and faculty members over the scope of their academic career on topics including recruitment, tenure and promotion, and retirement.